Friday, February 8, 2008

Pourudu Movie review

heroine kajal aggarwal embraced from back by hero sumanth in pourudu movie
Pourudu movie review: pourudu has staring of sumanth, suman and kajal aggarwal. The ad campaign could create some interest in the movie. But at the end we came out with dissatisfaction. The failure reason is the incompetent people handling the subject. Picturisation is above avarage and you may stick to your chairs while watching the movie.
But , the story, dialogue writer has no intrinsic value on such subjects and the characterisation failed miserably. Why? we do not know why hero sumanth hates his loving father. His father suman is a goonda working for a good cause under someone. It is his profession. sumanth selected some other IAS profession. It does not justify hating a very loving , life giving father. The hatred or love could not be established in the hero by the writers because of lack of clarity on the theme. The heroine is very good looking and just entertains you with her charming body . She has no individuality. she just loves the hero . ok.
Her father and mother too like this person with poor family background and allows to stay in their house , where their lovely young daughter is living. Hero sumanth hates rowdism and violence but resorts to it for every drop of a cap. Only suman's action and characterisation is good and worth watching. He could impress in his role after so many years. stunts are good but became useless because of the theme.

Killing of old villians harshly never gather sympathy from audience . If you leave to fate the villians kota srinivasarao and bhai would die by themselves within one or two years. Heroism is not required to kill those innocent, protection less villian. songs ok. locations ok. choreography ok.

rating: 50%

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