Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jab we met hindi movie review

starring:kareena kapoor,shahid kapoor


The story and characters of this movie are as much different as the title of the movie.
director portrays kareenas and shahids character in an entirely new dimension.The story begins
like this.Shahid looses everything in business and his girlfriend gets married to someother person.consequently he looses hope on his life and decidess to commit suicide.he leaves everything and gets into a train in despair.shahid plays a role of serious looking man and he suited very well in the character. kareena is his co-passenger who is an extrovert and talkative girl.kareena did a fabulous job for her,the story is all about how an enthusiastic girl changes a serious man to an extrovert. In the later half of the story these both roles gets interchanged.due to some unexpecting situation, kareena stays in a hostel away from her this point of time shahid becomes very energitic and shines very well in business with karrena as inspiration.then shahid searches for karrina and gives her a soothing the climax,karrena's ex boyfriend comes back and asks her to marry him.shahid ,kareena ,her boyfriend goes to thier house for her parents approval,but by mistake her parents thinks shahid to be her this the story is a very big entertainer. Its different from the regular stories. kareena's action is highlight.shahid also did an amazing job in this movie.There are no heavy senti dialogues or horrible fights.This film ,right from the beginning goes on smoothly entertaining the audience till the end.The songs are also very nice to hear. totally the movie gives us a good relief from regular movies and is a must to watch for comedy lovers.