Sunday, August 12, 2007

Muni Movie Review

telugu movie Muni, vedika and lawrence
actress vedika charms are good in muni movie
There is a drift from the philosophy of Core area against the management guru c.k.Prahlad advocacy to stick to one's own talent (core area) in business instead of going for diversion in other new areas. Prabhudeva and lawrence never listen to these words. Both try to explore more lucrative areas of direction testing our patience. Atleast prabhudeva has action while lawrence needs to some how improve these talents. His areas are stepping into the private lands of ali. Ali has lot of more talents of expression than lawrence. Anyway, the muni movie is directed and acted by this raghava lawrence. Vedika is the heroine who is the saving grace for the audience. The pair looks amusing because of the contrasts in color complexions and expression talents. Vedika , perhaps , first entry into telugu movies robs your heart with her charms and expressions. This is what required in shankardada zindabad. Heroine too has to entertain audience in songs and scenes. Vedika is good in all scenes and beautiful. The movie is attempted horror movie. To some extent, narration methods are good. Building up the tempo is also ok. But our directors forgot how to make a horror film long back. Now none can even visualise the movies like aame evaru, cid raju, ranga mahal rahasyam, for creation of terror. Ofcourse chandramukhi is an exception .Introduction of that union leader who was burn alive (in this movie) reduced the tension, tempo. Had it been a real muni (saint) some extraordinary powers who wanted a body, medium, this movie could have been a better horror movie. Anyway, this is a half baked potatoe. You may eat if you like it.
marks: 65%

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