Saturday, July 14, 2007

satyabhama movie review

sivaji and bhoomika in satyabhama telugu movie
what to say about satyabhama movie? People say it is a straight lift from 50 First dates, many dialogues are copied from original. Again an irrelevant plot adapted by inexperienced, unimaginative director. This plot, this story will not impress the telugu audience. It needs spice. This dish is just like simple chinese chow chow without ample salt. Sivaji , wonderful actor, has limited scope in this movie, same as bhumika chawala. Peculiarity is , we do not know what is the begining of the story and where it may end up. The problem what they show in this picture is not a big problem for today's people. Only attraction is the friend of sivaji in this satyambhama movie, who does not know english and creates good comedy. He really lived in the role. All the role players have little scope to act and some how the picture pulled so many hours. The producers, director publicise that people are encouraging the movie satyabhama but i have my own doubts. Sivjai has a bad film in his list with this movie.
Rating: 50%