Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lakshyam Movie review

lakshyam telugu movie, gopichand is hero and anushka is heroine. avarage film
Again history repeated. Inexperienced directors hastily make a movie with good actors and disappoint us and waste our time. This lakshyam movie is also another one in this big queue of disappointing movie. The starring in lakshyam movie are gopichand, anushka, jagapathi babu, kalyani etc. All good actors. Director attempted to do some thing. Where he failed is in providing tempo in scenes and failed to have grip over the incidents. The starting of the movie is having a bit grip. We get questions why the hero so coolly kills the DIG and why anushka is smiling.. But the head ache is the answer is too long. The flash back eats away 90 percent of movie and never ends. Fights , comedy are not great. Gopichand, anushka and jagapati babu just acted for namesake as the role given by the script writers is like that. Director created scenes but no life in the screnes. They do not know how to create tension, interest in a simple frame. Sentiment has been given a big seat in every frame. Director/producer wanted to win the sympathy of audience but it is very costly. Audience simply disappointed from this movie.

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