Tuesday, May 1, 2007

pellaina kottalo...

priya mani actress in pellaina kottalo movie telugu Pellaina kottalo.. telugu movie should be seen for few things.. for priyamani the budding actress who is gaining place in the industry film after film and for the plot or theme of the movie.Priyamani looks very good and fresh in the movie. In her first movie, she used all modern dresses and she looked very good in that movie. there after she started concentrating in telugu movies and she is clicking.. Different looks, face and expressions impress our telugu people. This movie plot is about the unwanted differences that crop up in the lives of newly married couple, because of the brainwash of the sorrounded friends.
Boring part is direction, the scenes by kota, geetanjali. If you want to know about director virus syndrome, see this movie. we dont know why the picture is jumping and going that way.. just for a dance seen by prabhu deva brother, the salsa concept forcibly brought into the movie.. the siva, ganga episode makes you really sleep in the movie. just go and enjoy the parts played by priyamani and jagapathi babu.. the assets of priyamani are her lean body, fresh looks reminding us our girl next door.

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