Sunday, April 1, 2007

Okkadunnadu movie review:

actress neha julka in okkadunnaadu movie, she is a real estate agent, working on her laptop. her house is on the seashore
Of recent released movies, this okkadunadu movie can be watched safely and your investment in the ticket is not wasted.The director has taken a small plot but shown in different style with sudden surprises. Gopichand and new actress neha julka acted in this movie and made it a success. Gopichand is versatile in such roles and he enacted again the same histrionics, while neha struggled and established herself also to the possible way. since she is young, lean, and new comer, we like to watch her every thing in every frame. Director took care to avoid many shots where her in experience may come in the way. However her struggle to pose in bharata natyam dance is still available in the movie.
okkadunnadu movie gopichand actor, in a simple but powerful actionHer contribution , her dances are eye feast.
Story is a small one but narration is good, with bombay backdrop. Gopichand, a happy go lucky guy suddenly lands in india to help his most loved , respected father suman to tide over from the crisis of bank 's bank ruptcy . He goes to mumbai to collect the real estate money . Neha julka is the real estate broker, through which the guest house was sold. So, neha julka hates to meet gopi chand every time because he pesters for early release of money, which was impossible to her. But when she knows about gopichand flash back, her heart starts dancing for him. Gopi chand acted as a simple guy, sobre guy, never involving in any love or attachment. Meanwhile, the villian is after gopichand for the heart of gopichand by heart transplantation for the villian. So, gopichand faces lot of problems and finally collects the entire required money of 4 crores from the mafia leader by fighting single handed with his group.
Love Romance:
neha julka in tight white wet shirt, romantic sceneThe love, romance between hero gopichand and heroine neha julka is very delicate and never crossed any limit.. none proposes, none exposes their love.. one scene slightly gives scope for exibition, exposure.. neha julka as seen in next pic comes to gopichand's house in wet white tight shirt, there is a slight strangle for some thing, gopichand hand while pullilng her hand for object, brushes her top assets, which creates vibrations in her, starting a song..
neha julka used tight t shirts exposing her courageous "heart" for any type of role.
comedy is of low profile. Film abruptly ends, though the ending seems a variety and apt.
stunts picturisation is ok and different. Dialogues ok. Some lyrics ok but some not.. neha julka somehow impresses. Item song is boring. Worth watching movie.
marks: 75%