Saturday, April 21, 2012

Love Failure movie review

cute amala paul photo
beautiful amalapaul actress

amala paul actress in love failure movie
siddharth and amala paul
This is a good movie which came without much publicity and none knew what is inside the movie. Many forgot to go to this movie. But since the direction is good, it caught attention and the publicity came mouth to mouth. slowly picked up and people realized that it is a good movie. Heroine amala paul suited well to this character and her portrayal justified to the character. Siddharth acted as usual. But direction is good. some message is also there. worth going to this movie

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100% Love cinema review

tamanna 100%love movie
100%love movie
This is a good movie that came recently. Tamanna and akkineni (jr) acted in this. Movie plot is around two young cousins. hero concentrates on studies very much. A village girl tamanna stays in the same house, and picks up in studies and also excells him. Story is revolving around these two challenging and competing each . Tamanna loves naga chaitanya. But at the end only the love materialises.
Picturisation of the theme is wonderful and interesting. songs are good. photography, direction is highly satisfactory. Tamanna action is very good and impresses many cinegoers. Particularly when she shows sorrow, pain expression is impressive. worth watching movie. this movie score:90%
100%love movie pictures

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Magadheera movie review

ramacharan riding horse magadheera image
magadheera poster ramcharan kajal agarwal
kajal aggarwal very sexy costume magadheera movie
magadheera movie poster
magadheera movie poster
One of the wonderful movies ever created in telugu , and in india is magadheera. Accordingly it collected hefty amounts at box office. No body can beat its collections. The main attractions or plus points in the movie are : wonderful settings, logical thinking in making the movie, perfect martial arts fightings planning, horse ridings , music . Ramacharan wins herars while kajal aggarwal became the dream girl for many. A must see movie

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