Monday, June 30, 2008

Ready Movie review

Hero ram, heroine genelia:Both are in love
ready movie, genelia and hero ram
cute young pair:
actress genelia with hero ram in ready movie
Ready is a movie by seenu vaitla and ram is the hero.genelia de souza is the heroine. This is just a commercial movie. Main intention is to just entertain audience for three hours and get paid. In this objective it succeeded. This movie entertains you thoroughly because of good screenplay and story. Hero ram looks very charming and his action is also ok to large extent. Genelia gave lot of support with her action, charms .
camera work is good. locations are good. Good entertainment for family. There are no special things to mention about this movie . we have to discuss about the humor in this movie. humor is based on brahmanandam and it paid. Brahmanandam action is ok and upto expectation. But brahmanandam is mostly settled in this type of roles. watch his krishna , jalsa movies and same action repeated here.
all the three roles in above movies are derived from dubai seenu movie role. now a days, brahmanandam reached his maximum output capacity and reached his limitations while sunil is growing beyond brahmanandam size. Now sunil surpass brahmanandam very easily. In this movie also sunil role his actions were good.His dance for sagar sangamam was appreciated by many.
Heroine Genelia returns from USA!
actress genelia de souza
In india all problems problems:
cute heroine genelia