Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vaana Movie review

telugu cinema vaana, meera chopra on bicycle with hero

Vaana movie was directed by ace producer MS Raju and the hero is vinay, son of MS Raju. Heroine is meera chopra.The film is low budget film and we get sympathy on ms raju for such poor production and old age direction. Story is very old and daringly copied the hackneyed subject.Proposing or loving an engaged heroine. Characterization of roles is too low in this movie and quite ridiculous too. The fault primarily goes to writers parachuri bros. They lost the current trend and they try to dump what they think . Why meera chopra encourages flirting of the hero vinay is not known.
We do not have any sympathy on hero and he appears to be a spoilt boy with riches falling behind any beautiful girl. The only plus point of this movie is the photography and the locations. MS Raju should stop rehabilitating old stars . In this movie jayasudha, suman , seetha contributed negatively to the tempo of the movie.The servant in the house of heroine looks very ridiculous and we donot find a good reason for his selection to that role.
Very poor presentation of 1960's story. All negative marks to parachuri and MS raju. I suspect some change in the ending. The ending presented spoilt entire mood of audience. We audience , after paying hefty price for a ticket, never like love failures and sentiments. Please remember sirs!!.
Heroine: meera chopra is enough beautiful exposing clevage in the starting of the movie. she looks neat with good body profile.
Vaana Gallery:
meera chopra beautiful from vaana movie
breast exposure by meera chopra in vaana movie

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