Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Godava Telugu movie review

Godava, a peculiar non catchy title. This is produced by director kodanda ramireddy for his son vaibhav.As many times discussed here, the andhra audience taste changed and only 5 directors can catch their pulse with many failures. kodanda rami reddy of yester year block buster movie maker, failed miserably to present a nice movie. Resulting a flop for his son. son vaibhav practiced very much dialogues etc, but his imitation (unknowingly perhaps) pawan kalyan awarded him negative marks unknowingly by audience. He should have his own image in the first picture. never over act with fighting exceedingly declaring him another prabhas. ofcourse prabhas has charishma and muscles. So , there is no special thing in this movie.
But.. wait.. there is a new heroine brought from bombay for you. sradha arya, or sradda arya.. she looks beautiful and shows well, leaving apart action. who cares for action from heroine? if we need action we go to trisha. Look the stills here of sradda arya, how exciting she is. so, for romantic lovers and keats, this picture may not upset.