Thursday, December 6, 2007

Takkari Telugu movie review

telugu actress sada from takkari movie

casting:nithin,sada,shayaji shindey
director:Amma Rajasekhar
producer:paruchuri sivarama prasad
Nithin after getting a series of flops and after a long gap returned back to limelight with TAkkari movie
with huge expectactions on film.The entire story revolves around the 3 characters named Tiru(nithin),priya(sada),
guru(shayaji shindey).Hero Tiru is a vagabond who has a very carefree attitude.howwever he is interested in doing a business and he waits for an opportunity to promote his ideas.

Guru is a very big business magnet who loves her sister very much(sada).tiru happens to meet sada once and both fall in love with each other.But Guru dislikes it and opposes it strongly as Tiru is a vagabond and irresponsible person.He bribes Tiru with 25 lakh rupees and asks him to forget his sister(sada).our hero tiru accepts the money from guru and tell him that he will forget her which is a twist in the story.priya comes to know about this and this leads to a misunderstanding between hero and heroine.tiru invests that money in business and soon he becomes a rich business man.

In the climax,sada will be ready to marry someother person but tiru comes to that marriage and tells his actual intention to everybody.finally Guru accepts him and gets his sister married to tiru. The first half of the story is very routine and the second half of the story is average.Nithin's character is not carved properly.he has a villain character almost till the end of the movie.The movie is an entertainer will not have any strong emotional or sentimental scenes in it.sada's character is a very innocent and soft natured women folk feel pity for her throughout the movie as she suffers a lot because of nithins behaviour in this movie.The chakris music is above average and "kobbarimukka " song is highlight.sada shed lot of weight and she appears very glamourous and hot.Nitihin built his body very well and is well shown in the movie.these are only parameters that are a saving grace in the movie.