Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dubai seenu movie review

dubai seenu movie, nayanatara actress and ravi teja Dubai seenu, no dubai:This is just a run out of mill movie.. seenu vaitla proved that making a good film is beyond his capacity. This movie may make you smile but not laugh heartily. Incompetent direction can be learnt from this movie. Anyway, it is a law that the top 5 established directors of telugu only can make some new trends in movies but not like these directors, though they occasionally get a flick of one or two hits. No committment for good movie making, no control over actors, no proper screenplay, . In one word, if you just mix two three movies in cd, and remix the songs with incomprehensible verses, it becomes a new telugu movie thrown by such these directors. Dubai seenu (title is good and catchy) may entertain you just because of the established actors their own contribution but not at all by the technicians including the director. The director has very low opinion about the needs of audience and has thrown some thing on our head. Ravi teja will act in this way in any movie, you need not tell him the story or anything. nayanatara is a beautiful woman just waiting for a "i love you" word from a road side fellow and she accepts it. One joker circle instpector (shiaji shinde). Tooooo many songs with unknown lyrics. The most useless actors , who can not improve themselves can be seen in this movie.. one, the father of nayanatara.. he will never learn action nor attempt.. second bhanu chander.. he loves only getup and freezes in the role.. look avs , the veteran actor. he got hardly 4 minutes role, but how easily he delivers dialogues and acts.. MS Narayan got a good role, and his action is worth watching.seenu vaitla got a good story plot of mafia gang just like pokiri. How pokiri was wonderully built, how poorly this movie was made. Seenu vaitla forgets or ignores the core subject and spends reels and reels on useless comedy. Beautiful villians die in a fraction of second, creating disappointment. In the fighting scene of villian and hero in the end, the villian has good muscles and good martial arts than ravi teja. Definitely intellegent audience get disappointed, but they may get some cheap entertainment in this movie.
Dubai seenu rating: 60%

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