Friday, April 20, 2007

Illiana actress Munna movie

illiana, ileana telugu actress in munna movie

Munna movie is coming fast to be released in this month.. starring.. prabhas and illiana (illeana). Illiana has a special softest corner in the hearts of all youth because of her special features. Sharp nose, peculiar smile from lips, leanest waist which bends like serpent. Her walking style is elegant, like catwalk. See how she is curving, bending in this picture from munna movie. Unfortunately prabhas get us does not look appealing in this munna movie song, while the get up and decoration for illiana is very pleasing and attractive.
Market gossip is that venkatesh movie aadavalla matalaku arthale verule movie is also being released on the same date in this month. May be a tough competetion between seasoned venky and upcoming prabhas. Competetion between two telugu stalwart heroines trisha and illiana. Hope both win;

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