Sunday, April 8, 2007

Shivaji Movie -Sreya Rajanikanth

Tight Packed Role for Sreya in Shivaji Movie:Actress shreya or sreya in shivaji movie, exposing her talents
sivaji or shivaji film is having all the ingredients for becoming a success. What are they? produced and directed by famous, brilliant shanker who had long record of producing successful pictures in appealing way. He not only mints money but his movie characters would be in the hearts of the people, for a long long time . Now he is producing and super star rajanikanth is acting in this after his super duper hit of chandramukhi, which is running in chennai for more than two years, breaking the record. Third thing is Music magician AR Rahaman is giving the music for this film. When audio is released it became real sensation and all the new media is highlighting the event. ( i remember how yogi audio function went, bogusly declaring all 6 lakhs cassettes sold on the function day itself.. i wondered while they made the statement in the presence of vv vinayak.. none has a smile or happiness in their faces at that time, which surely indicated the debacle of the film at that time even.). It is reported that chennai richie street has seen a great demand for CDs, cassettes and people were jumping and buying the cassettes. Now who is lucky? sreya!. Some how she got this great opportunity and her stardom goes to heights after the movie. her dresses show that she is doing "tight packed " role and she makes every effort to make a hit from her side too!!
shreya actress and rajani kanth from shivaji movie, he is lighting matchstick at her heart(perhaps match stick automatically ignited when it is brought to the heart of sreya, both are surprised, but not we!!)
The theme is monetizing or making education commercial and business. Rajanikanth, who starts a sivaji university fights with the political business men who want to sell the business while sivaji wants to provide at government rates. All masala expected.. Rajanikanth is doing lot of roles like seven different getups. Now, chandramukhi established a big overseas market for rajanikanth movies, this movie collects all its cost and profit before running the movie in the theaters. I remember how rajanikanth was desparate for a success in the sets of baba, coming first and going last from the sets. He got success after two failures and the success is succeeding. Incidentally sivaji is the old and original name of super star rajanikanth.

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