Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trisha video songs

song1: nuvvostanante nenoddantana.. trisha just lived in that role.. environment of rain, platform , station , lamabadas everything excellent.. lyric, singing, music are A+ grade. watch it here:

third song for excellent choreography, steps and music:
hero heroine actions , their steps , music, lyric are giving life to this song. in this song, trisha jumps on to prabhas shoulder, which is a wonderful acrobat feet, though may be done by a dupe.

Good song of trisha from pournami:Her action in this movie is wonderful and song is very melodious by devi sriprasad

liana in aata movie
I have some honour and sympathy for MS Raju, the king producer of telugu mega movies. His movies are just different from other people movies, mostly, exempting some good great director's master pieces from our top 5 directors. Raju saab's movies are like udupi hotel food or shaanbaag hotel type kannada recepie. Looks good but taste a bit less salt. Appearance and color is good but the recepie needs a bit more spices at different places and times.
Varsham songs are superb as well as their lyrics. They made him great. But picture lacks some good direction at places like pumping petrol on villian and challenging to die for a village belle by two great heroic heroes. Again , in pournami, the worst episode of the step mother, henpecked chandramohan husband, silly rocking hero as a dance master spoilt the broth. Otherwise, the songs , picturisation and lyrics made him (raju garu) great. Now, aata : nothing special in this movie. What it appears is, raju garu makes a line longer by drawing a shorter line by its side. Making a worse movie , he is making his previous movie better. He has zeal, enthusiasm and committment for a pure telugu movie production. Probably if he switches away from parachuri brothers, he may produce a master piece again. Parachuri brothers became too commercial and their trend pulse is well known to every village audience now.
I have great respect for him for these great songs production from varsham:
song Numero Uno: real rain song in the telugu film history after aatmabalam movie: Both acted very well, lyric superb with surpassing music.. this can be seen any number of times without a bore of repetetion. Tamil people could not capture the life of this song in their remake, as usual with them. with this song, ramappa temple got fame from lovers

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