Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Anumaanaspadam by vamsi review

hamsa nandini and aryan rajesh from anumanaspadam movie
This is a movie by vamsi.. so, we have to see once and encourage him, so as to see that he takes more and more movies. He is one of our interesting directors who directed some good movies with godavari districts beauties and accent. But this movie has nothing special from his brain. Only some tempo, suspense which amuses you for some time and you will enjoy the forest , and the suspense. But the story, the feats, stunts all belong to old times like jagame maya movie from which actor giribabu started his career. The people suddenly appear from tree tops, from earth and jump to fight ..The story is around a plot that veerappan left a big treasure somewhere in the forest. There was a roumour ( in the movie) that veerappan was still alive.. so goes the movie.. Hero aryan rajesh has to change his action styles and take different roles . He is not a substitute for a good hero , where dozens of good heroes are available to the field.Heroine hamsa nandini has not left any impression on our hearts.