Friday, April 27, 2007

Aadavari maatalaku arthale verule

telugu actor venkatesh from movie aadavari maatalaku arthale verule Venkatesh cinimalo comedy ye verule!! venkatesh matured well enough in creating excellent comedy in his movies, for that past half a dozen movies. He achieved ease of action too in many roles. His portrayal of venky character in nuvvu naaku nachchav movie is excellant and remarkable. none otherthan venkat could do that.. ofcourse lot of hardword from the director and trivikram in that movie.. Now venkatesh is coming in aadavari maatalaku arthale verule movie with "nayanatara" Trisha. Trisha is a sure bet for excellant action in any scene for the money she has been given. She conveys lot of expressions with her eyes even! so it is opt to call her nayana tara.. sitara trisha. The combo of venky and trisha with a popular title and comedy back drop is a sure shot winning strategy.
actress trisha in the movie aadavari maatalaki arthale verule

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