Thursday, May 24, 2007

Aadavari maatalaku arthale verule review

actress trisha in telugu movie aadavari maatalaku arthale verule
Picture is of a bit different type and slower narration. It would be pleasing for high class people. Venkatesh action is ok and matured. His appearance is also good. But the story is same old story like kalisundam ra, nuvvu naaku nachchavu. Some of the dialogues are good and some are routine.Kota srinivasarao has shown different action. But his dialogues, written by writer, are some apt and some absurd. That is characterization is not perfect. Trisha always does her best and she steals show by her standard action.Our directors, writers fail in doing home work to go into depths of a problem. Just superficial solutions they offer. In this movie, venkatesh has apparently scant respect for his father, though director establishes that he loves dad very much. But this hero craves for the family of viswanath, may be because of the lovely damsel Trisha.. why should he crave for other families in all his movies none knows.Trisha action is good, but her characterization is some times fails in showing her love for her would be and her friend venkatesh.Viswanath is the greatest drawback for us.. people love and respect his fame. so he is offered this type of routine routine roles of the eldest foolish orthodox man , who listens the talk of lovers secretely and finally finishes the story.His appearance soon creates sickness if he can not show more action. The starting of the movie was good as it centered around software industry, office. But from second half it falls into the remotest village .Anyway dont miss to see aadavari maatalaku ardhale verule some good variations in dialogues.
The great attraction in this movie is swaathi from colors fame. She acted very well and she steals the show. She would get many roles in future.

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