Sunday, May 27, 2007

Aata movie reivew

heroine illiana or ileana from aata telugu movie
After seeing aadavari maatalaku ardhale verule, if you see this movie, you get some releif because of the speed of narration. But speed was a bit high in the initial stage. This is a low profile picture by MS raju and exact carbon copy of the movie gudumba sankar. I wonder why ms raju resorted for this type. Then what to see in this movie? ofcourse illiana, and then the photography of chota k naidu. Picture is mostly comedy genere and you can have some entertainment.
MS Raju fails to give a better comedy in all his picutres and he would be satisfied with simple sunil comedy.
There is a concept found in all the ms raju movies. In his movies, heroine is weak and being unwarrentedly harassed and exploited by the villain. Only hero is given a chance to reply the strategies. Take it varsham or pournami or this movie.. It is high time to change his theme and show some daringness and wits from heroine side too. Afterall , they are also great and intellegent. Music by devi sri prasad is very sad..Illiana is is a feast to eyes.

telugu heroine illiana in white wet saree

MS raju tried to encash on her beauty though not vulgurly. She herself is good looking in many costumes and scenes. Only raju garu took care to give very very short mini micro skirt and keep a fan under her skirt.I dont think it is any violotion of a rule!!white saree and wet saree for illeana is an attraction. She would be always smiling in this movie and dancing rythemically. Hero siddhartha ... nothing special from him.. infact if the movie is given to an established hero like prabhas it runs another 50 more days.

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