Friday, June 1, 2007

Attili sattibabu LKG review

vidisha and naresh from attili sattibabu telugu movie
Attili sattibabu:As long as EVV and naresh are there, there is no dearth of comedy movies and this is a healthy trend to the telugu industry. Evv is great in comedy movie production and he is compelled to make a movie for his son naresh, which sells well in the market. Naresh , as anticipated earler, has stabilised as a comedy actor. This movie used two heroines , good for two purposes. We can see two heroines on single ticket and second, two heroines get a chance to test their luck and talent. Sympathy goes with the heroine vidisha for her role which shows love and affection for the spoilt hero naresh. Comedy strength is not that much high as evv old movies but comedy goes hand in hand with story.. we can just see or pass this movie.