Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shankardada zindabad review

telugu actor chiranjivi from shankardada zindabad movie
Chirnajivi, is one of the reputed actors in India and over years of his action and presence in the industry, he is revered all over other cinefields in India like tamil cine field, malayalam cine field and some extent in hindi field. But now days have changed. To get recognition one has to be very careful in everything including action. Chiranjivi is making a mistake again and again and loosing fame and winning the sympathy of his fans and others. What mistake? He is not concentrating with whom he is acting, how the music is , how the dialogues are etc. He would be just present in the set utter some dialouges with ease and dance to the tunes of lawrence. Thats all. Hundreds of prints would be released to collect money hastily within first week. The same story repeated again and again for the past half a dozen movies. So, while the youngsters are living in their roles chiranjivi became only the idol to be respected by his "service" to the field.
When we come to the movie, it is just below avarage movie. First fault lies in selection of heroine. Now telugu field is desperate for new faces from heroines and beauty is occupied front seat, selecting this heroine could not help to the movie but hampered the progress for her aged figure. It is not her fault, but the fault of producer , director prabhudeva and lastly chirnanjivi. Prabhu deva needs to learn a lot a lot about telugu field and better join somewhere. Inspite of repeated failures he is not learning. As einsteing said, doing same mistake again and again expecting different result is foolishness. Devi sriprasad was sought for music again for this movie and he fully dumped again.
The roughness visible in sanjay dutt as a bhai (dada) is not at all appearing in chiranjivi. Slang is also not unique. This movie would be a time pass but never an entertainer. Shankardada MBBS actually surpassed all other tamil, kannada versions as lot of nativity was injected into that movie. Sonali dendre aspired to act in this movie also but she was not offered nor contacted. Atleast the same hindi heroine vidya balan,should have been booked which would add value to the movie. Anyway, let chiranjivi try more methods till he learns audience are different now.
Marks: 70%

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