Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sivaji movie Analysis

rajani kanth , sreya from sivaji movie. actress sreya showing her hidden talents
sivaji movie claims to be the costliest movie built , may be at 55 crores. But do you know why the budget is so high? Most probably, 10 percent of the budget would be spared for publicity. A picture released and maintained with 5 crores worth publicity would draw attention of every body, though there is not much impressive stuff in it. The same thing happened. Telugu audience never liked this picture, though only a few can loudly declare that " the king has no clothes"First of all, rajani movies rarely impress telugu audience, for his cheap , illogical tricks and picturisation. Bhasha is an exemption, as the picture was really good. Chandra mukhi, only the suspense episode saved the picture. Even in chandramukhi if you watch the stunt scenes, you will run away from the theater.Now, entire tamilnadu says sivaji is good while telugu people sit shocked and tight lipped. Some news paper from chennai also wrote that rajani kanth can be compared to amitab bachchan . But since amitab is from north, he got very good market. But truth is different. Though rajani kanth knows some action, he is very much restricted himself to tamil mass oriented movies and so he had no good opportunity to act in a real difficult role which requires action skills. But AB really touched many roles and defined those roles with his action. This is not to praise anyone, but a comparision of action skills exhibited will speak this way. Daily, the media promoters of sivaji movie release one news item about the movie, to continue the interest in the movie.

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