Thursday, December 6, 2007

seema sastry comedy movie review

seema sastry movie review
seema sastry naresh and farzana dance sequence
seema sastry
A comedy attempt on andhra audience. Naresh and farzana acted in this. Cinema is built on comedy theme of a brahmin boy becoming or acting as seema (rayala seema ) factionist for his love. Farzana belongs to reddy family and naresh to a brahmin pujari family. Naresh love is accepted by heoine. To convince her parents naresh and his family acts as factionists. dialogues, narration, comedy are of mediocre values. Not like evv satyanarayana; evv knows real fun, pun and every thing to tickle audience. These director and producer took inspiration from evv movies and attempted this. This picture slightly entertains us. We can see for a small releif. Farzana looks good , pretty and looks like a chocolate baby. She improved her action, feelings. attaire and every thing and she wins your heart if you have a bit spark. ofcourse she is plumpy, but who cares.