Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Don Telugu Movie Review

romantic scene from don telugu movie, nagarjuna and anushka acted
starring: nagarjuna, anushka, lawrence, director:lawrence
This story is entirely about a don and his followers who stands as a god father to his people.Suri (nagarjuna) is don of A.P state and helps everybody who are in need.Lawrence is brother of suri and he follows whatever don says.The story is a very old story of 70's or 80's. There is nothing new in this movie. Asusual,villain who is a very big don tries to have his network all over the country and so turns to andhra.But here suri( hero nagarjuna) is very powerful politically and also has a huge support from people. Villain tries to gain suri's support by wooing him for which Suri will not accept. So,villain swears to take revenge on Suri. Meanwhile suri fells in love with anushka who is the daughter of one of the follower(chalapathi rao) of Suri. Lawrence also fells in love with nikitha. nikitha plays a negative role in the movie.anushka actress in don telugu movie, she is attractive as usualshe cheats lawrence and traps him such that he comes to the villains place. Though nikithas role is very short she did her best in all the scenes. Asuasual villain kidnaps anushka and lawrence and finally lawrence will be killed by the villain. Songs are horrible and even the choreography is not upto the mark.the only saving grace of the movie is Anushka actress. She shed a lot of weight for this movie and looks very slim.Nagarjuna looks very old and we can clearly identify that he covers his wrinkles with goggles in the entire movie. Tottally the movie which had huge expectations befor release left audience and his fans in great dissapointment. Futile effort by lawrence. He should take enough time to grow .
nagarjuna actor as don in don movie