Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mantra Movie Review

charmy actress from mantra telugu cinema
The second movie Mantra is another good movie. Enough suspense and thrill created through shadows, colors, filters, and music. Lot of confusion is also resorted in creating terrror.But the movie is worth watching. charmy action is not superb but just adequate. The ad propaganda made her great. sivaji also acted well but his role portrayal needs more improvement. Initially we think he is a great fighter when he kicks the inspector with one swift, sharp blow but later if you see his fights, it does not maintain the tempo. (Pokiri movie maintains the tempo with every fight). The maha maha song is good to listen, though it has exact roots from black eyed peas my hump song. better to have such nice songs even if they imitate or copy pop song tunes.Anyway worth seeing movie. illogical things: how a young woman decides to live in a haunted house is beyond comprehension. Not even .1% of indian born females take that step. Must see for a thrill
Rating: 75%