Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Anasuya Movie Review

bhumika chawla from anasuya telugu movieAnasuya movie review:
It is time for terror , horror movies. Thank god some relief from routine love and violent themes. In this season two telugu movies were released in this category. Anasuya and Mantra. Anasuya: This is the name of the heroine in this movie. she is an orphan and gets a job as tv undercover to collect sensational news and truth behind some issues. picturisation is good. enough curiousity and thrill was created successfully. Bhumika action is also good. The only confused part of the movie is the villian. He himself is the director of the film too. One single person can not do so many murders and follow up, inquiry etc. It is beyond one's comprehension how he could trace all the victims. How he could bluff the hospital staff as lame without being is also beyond our comprehension. anyway we can see this movie once.Hero is useless. he could not do well nor his role was good.we donot know when he comes up from that dumb characters.

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