Monday, January 21, 2008

What is good and bad in happydays movie

she stands tall with this movie..
heroine tamanna from happydays movie
What is good and bad in happydays movie As already told in this site long back after godavari, sekhar kammula can make this type of movies with ease and they run minimum fifty days . The reason, he will not touch violence, action sequences like other producers and sufficient cinegoers are there to see such movies. On the same lines the current movie happy days is also hit. The people who love some family sentiment , troubles with that would definitely go to movies like bommarillu, happydays etc. Plus points with happydays telugu movie: The picturisation is cool, simple . The characters are picked up well, mostly and they performed well. Particularly arnald, heroine, third boy and shrew outperformed their roles. They did very well than many established actors, super actors in the field. we can never believe such action can be extracted from those new comers and young.
Plus Points:
The kept their roles infront of us but not their physical forms. Perhaps they may not fit to other roles in other movies, that is a different issue. The heroine tamanna bhatia stole the heart of youngsters. she is cute, lovely, beautiful like a toffee. When she walks with parikini and voni, she was like an angel. second heroine shrevs (shravya) really lived in that role and she deserves special kudos for her role and action. or it may be the greatness of director to extract and exhibit what best is possible from her. Tomboy girl gayatri rao is ok. nikhil acted as rajesh wonderfully and he also deserves special mention for his ease of action and living in the role. Vamsikrishna (may be the hero of this movie) is just apt. nothing more nothing less. Rahul acted as Tyson and he is the real hero of the movie. His characterisation and his really action are superb . He showed his best performance in many of the scenes and movie moves around him only.
Minus Points
Well. then there are negative, minus points too: The narration is fully in engineering background. The ragging scene, asking the guys to jump in "engg college " style is vulgar and he can use his sense to cut short of that avoidable scene.
none can understand how wipro is using black woman for selection in campus. satyam, infosys never did that way to the best of my knowledge. How a guy can recite a poem and get selected in campus interview was also not digestable. The director missed a good action scene opportunity. When the hero wants to stop ragging by reporting to principal. the conflict is resolved with a cricket match, and some magics imitating lagaan type resolution. Had the conflict settled across floor with good dialogues and applying force or a tussel between rival groups which gives a kick to audience (pokiri formula) The senior harasses madhu too much. he even puts his hands over her and drives her to a coffe house. But this is not possible anywhere. ragging female students has many limits and risky too. Here kammula crossed the border.
Anyway, sekhar kammula succeeded in establishing a formula for telugu industry for a commercial hit.