Thursday, January 24, 2008

krishna Movie

beautiful actress trisha from krishna telugu movie
The top 4 directors includes vv vinayak. Once upon a time he was leading the 4 director batch, but now he revived back to top two position.Ofcourse, not by exhibiting his talents, but for just not spoilt the movie. The telugu movie Krishna is 100 percent entertainment. It is worth your money and you may not get bored. You will enjoy the movie because of the tempo, good and excellant dialogues and screen play. Trisha appeared very romantic but she did not contribute much of her acting talent in this movie but showed more of her lovely curves. She appears to be using bigger pads in this movie.watchout yourself the pics here. Raviteja repeats his routine performance but people love his dialogue delivery as no competetion to him in this area. fights are mediocre. trisha is beautiful. The humour by brahmanandam and jayaprakash reddy is very high quality because of the wit and dialogue timing. Brahmanandam did a good , different performance in this. Story is most ordinary story without any speciality.
trisha in black saree showing off navel area

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