Monday, June 30, 2008

pandurangadu Review

Pandu rangadu: balakrishna, tabu
balakrishna and tabu in pandurangadu movie
sneha in pandurangadu movie

Pandurangadu movie really disappointed the audience, to speak truth. The main theme of the pandurangadu movie has not been taken care of properly by director raghavendra rao and his team. The team of all artists in this pandurangadu movie really performed badly except the heroine sneha who tried hard to do something all through the movie and she succeeded in her effort. The main draw back of the movie is the casting, imporper homework, no committment for the objective. Hero nandamuri balakrishna took the role very lightly and he could not justify the role. The role carving is also like that. The movie would be compared with the old panduranga mahatyam and in that comparision this movie miserably lost to the old movie.
Songs are not good. The dialogues, screen play were not good. The roles of y.vijaya and tabbu acted negatively to the success of the movie. Raghavendra rao should know where to stop in showing the romance. He gives anesthesia to do some operation, but because of the improper dose of anesthesia the patient dies. Here anesthesia is his romance. He has no control on depicting romance in his movies. where to start where to end etc are not taken care. The taboo , balakrishna episodes in tabboo home (in movie) was very vulgar and you get sick of the movie.
The relegion, the god, concepts were taken very lightly and the jumping of panduranga idol makes you hysteric. The episode of krishna and his wives , krishna's women attaire all things come under crap and unwanted. we do not find any motive or objective in making the movie as we do not know if the hero is worried about god or his wife. viswanath made gross injustice to his role vis a vis nagaiah in similar role. poet or writer bharavi boasted himself about his work, his song about chumbanam, his verse about ammaki brahma ki nichchena... etc are all bogus. He needs some more penance to touch any relegious subjects. SP balasubrahmanyam got some mud to his throat by singing in this movie.Better to be away from this movie.
score: 40%
Tabu-over dose of romance and exposure:
pandurangadu movie tabu actress in vamp role
Sneha panduranga devotee
sneha as pandurangadu devotee
dancing tabu
tabu dancing in pandurangadu
sneha as innocent adamant girl:
sneha actress