Monday, June 30, 2008

Bujji gadu movie review

USA returned heroine Trisha:
Bujjigadu movie heroine trisha
chennai make prabhas loves her:
prabhas and trisha from bujjigadu movie
Villian sivanna opposes:
villian role mohan babu
Great directors often resort to simple money earning techniques by making such type of movies like bujjigadu. Director puri jagannadh did this movie just for money. he has not used any special talents or hardwork in this movie.Prabhas, trisha are the hero and heroines . This is a simple commercial movie. To some extent they could make it. But prabhas looked lean and one way smart. But his role is not very good. His accent is also appeared like artificial as he has not imbibed in to that role and accent.Trisha looked good but her action is not upto her capacity. Mohanbabu looked good and acted well in sivanna role. but director could not know how to use his role properly. After some time, sivanna loses imporatnce and becomes one among all tom dick and harry. trisha imitating prabhas in his accent was very amusing.Director and producer were not very serious in doing some committed
movie so, this is above avarage with good starring. Music or songs were not upto mark. fights were miserable, not upto mark of chatrapathi level.
Direction fault: the volvo bus , whose wind shield and other glass panes damaged in a stunt, reaches destination without any damage of glasses!!
Bujjigadu gallery
Trisha dances with joy and vigour
trisha from bujjigadu
fight between trisha and prabhas entertaining
trisha and prabhas fight in bujjigadu movie
Trisha ,Prabhas and a puppy:
trisha and prabhas love bujjigadu movie