Saturday, February 3, 2007

Pawan Kalyan and Annavaram

pawan kalyan Telugu youth and others have a soft corner for pawan kalyan, because he impressed them with two three films in a different way.His action, accent, his special type of dialogue delivery became very famous among youth and others and he had a wonderful seat in their place and inspite of his failures people are with hope that one day he would again come with a bang and cheer them up. Hope he is also trying for that. The problem with him is his movies are related with lot lot lot of gap that often he is missing in the line of active heroes. Now Pawan kalyan is coming with Annavaram and Satyagrahi movies. Annavaram is based on the tamil movie Tirupachi , acted by vijay and it was a hit there. Many people would be very curious to know what may be the plot of this movie and what may be expected in this movie. Briefly, this movie plot is like this. The hero has a sister,(heroine of tenth class movie) and naturally he loves her. He makes all arrangements and performs her marriage and comes to city to leave her with her husband. There he encounters the city rowdy gangs and they encounter with him, and kill his best friend who was with him till then. He wants to take revenge on these criminal mafia type gangs and eradicate them from the city. He plans and executes successfuly . Now telugu field knows pretty well how to take a movie in this plot and make it success. So, hit chances are more if he cares for music and dances. Asin is the heroine in this movie and she is in good form now a days. Her action in Ghajini was very good and impressive, and she got film fare award for this action. She gives good support to pawan kalyan in this movie, with her special action talents.