Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dhoom2 movie review

aiswarya roy from dhoom2

Telugu audience often go to bollywood movies too, unlike tamil audience. Dhoom2 had much hype. People waited like anything for this movie as aiswarya roy, abhishek bachchan and hrithik roshan acted in this movie. But the movie is more of stunts and sans logic. If you take your children or small kids they like this movie very much. The plus points of this movie are the locations, the make up of hrithik roshan for different disguises and aiswarya ray's beauty. Her combination with hrithik roshan in dances was good and impressive since both are numero uno in dances.

aiswarya roy and hrithik roshan from dhoom2
Hrithik is an internation thief , costly thief . Abhishek bachchan is bombay cop who got full authority to catch this thief (none knows how). He , his companion would go to any country to chase the thief. Let us not go into the reasons, but take kids and let them enjoy while you watch aiswarya and hrithik roshan.shhh.. there is a kissing scene in this between hrithik and aiswarya. twice or thirce he kisses her lips. audience are thrilled and whistled at these scenes. Bipasha basu tried to cast her spells but needs more spell. Uday Chopra tried to fill gaps in shots.

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