Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Room Mates with Navneet Kaur

Room mates movie is an interesting movie , produced by CC Reddy under visu films banner. Our AVS is directing and allri naresh is leading the team of room mates. Baladitya, suman shetty and srinivasa reddy are other room mates . In to this room, a beautiful heroine , navaneet kaur is coming and hope she raises the heart beat of the room mates. Let us hope she will not disturb their studies. Navneet kaur , though coming from punjab, is trying hard to have a strong foot in this telugu cinema land. To be frank, she has all the calibres, and acting skills to become good actress here. But she has not yet got a very good opportunity till now. When she took a small , not important role in jagapathi movie itself, her charms were stunning in that police dress. Further she acted in one more film but could not give a good break. This film has all the strength to give her a good push and launch her as considerable heroine.
AVS direction would improve in this movie, hope so, adding commercial values to his talents. Now the notable thing is, the room mates (ie the three other actor than naresh), will be launching pads for this punjabi kudi to rise into the sky. Ofcourse, naresh has his market and he would always be busy with roles.
The main attractions of the movie can be the ease , hilarious actions of naresh and suman shetty , charms by navaneet kaur, and the comedy king avs direction and the theme/plot by CC reddy (who dedicated himself to education domain) would definitely pave a red carpet for this movie. These are the expectations of market circles

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