Friday, November 24, 2006

Samanyudu- Jagapathi Babu

This is a movie by jagapathi babu. Saamanyudu movie was first left unnoticed by the viewers due to lack of proper publicity. But after 3rd week from release, the ads, clippings in the tv reached the audience and created interest in the novie. As a result collections started increasing to this good movie, in a way. Good movie because of the good theme and action. Jagapathi babu dialogue delivery and action got slightly deviated towards good. This movie is an example for showing the need for proper publicity , which the telugu cinemas lack. If you depend on mouth talk publicity, it will not help any movie normally,because the movie has to collect within first three weeks only.

Kamni jeethmalani acted as heroine in this. There is a song praising jagapathi babu personally, which would be a great advertisement for him forever. This song has some resemblence with a song in James movie by ramgopal verma.Dasari ARun acted in this movie. His face features are good but needs some polishing to his acting , expression skills. Devadas kanakala is an asset to movies now a days. He got full command in action and he has his own style of acting. His most of the movies are very good in his action. He is number one to act as a second hero who can be fooled easily. His action would be very impressive. Satya is coming up slowly and very well in movies recently. Her voice is peculiar, husky and quite interesting differing from other dubbing voices. This native voices are required now for the field. Her action is also impressive, natural.
Movie is about facing the anti social elements, fighting with crooks . Sai chand acted as Home minister and his action is also ok. But he is coming with police story 2 very soon and it shows his achievement as police officer agni, jamadagni, which became popular.