Thursday, October 26, 2006

Krish -resources wasted

We have fortunately one good actor, who looks different from the cowd by physical formamtion. He is hrithik roshan. His speciality is heartful laugh and long hands. He is very good at dances. However he is struggling for a hit for years. A good actor should have atleast one good movie once in two years, to live in the memory of audience. His kaho na pyaar hai was a big hit. they are searching for similar hit. So, they (hrithik roshan and his family)planned a movie and attempted to make a movie out a story, spinned out of a computer. The computer has taken the stories of koi milgaya,super man,tarzan, phantom the opera, and some more movies, mixed the plots, lines, verses and created a story which took the shape of krish. Even if you see the movie with sympathy for hrithik roshan, it is difficult to sit till the end of the movie, because the pale , story. The less discussed about the story, the better. Songs are not very good, scenes are not gripping. Story is not having any base or life. some how that was released . Only relief is that we have a movie to show to children (less than 10yr old) whol loves fantasies combined with romance and fights.To sum up about the Krish movie in a line "resouces wasted".


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