Saturday, August 26, 2006

pandem kodi vishal reddy

Pandem Kodi: Title is good. The movie is dubbed from tamil. But what is there in this movie to note? Yes, the guy vishal who acted as hero in this movie. His features are good. Good physical stamina (that means, well built body). control on body movements. Quick to jump and dance. He is a telugu man. So, he may be a future hope for many movies, where , initially a good second hero is required. Meera jasmine, may be a lucky star. For the ordinary features she has , she gets very good offers with great heros. In every language. In this movie her performance is good. She acted as a jovial, enthusiastic young lass from tamil village.
The story is that vishal is son of a powerful land lord in pulivendala. His father is good person and respected by all, but he is a ferocious man for any fight. vishal had to confront with a local goonda leader in anantapur, while he was on a short trip to there. So that goonda wants to revenge on vishal by killing him.

He will be haunting through out movie . In the last scene there is a fight , hand to hand between goonda and vishal and vishal wins. In between the love story of vishal and meera jasmine. To see a new comer , vishal we can see this movie. Though he has not acted extra ordinarily, we can have an eye on him. Entire cinema is taken in typical tamil culture back ground.
Rating: 55%


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