Thursday, June 1, 2006

Veerabhadra movie Review

Brief Story:
Balakrishna belongs to a very wealthy family but was left orphan due
to some family reasons, when he was just born. The kid was taken by
prakash raj, a drunkard mean fellow, at an exchange rate of 10000
rupees to look after him.
Balakrishna becomes a robinhood type person involved in smuggling
business in shipyard/sea port. He earns and distributes half to the
masses and rest to thebenefit of the family who brought up him.
Prakash raj, his original son, daughter in law , daughter have no
gratitude to Balakrishna though they are eating his earnings.
The rich old man, the grand father locates his grand son and wants him
back to him to take care of the property for which the hero is the
heir . One more girl is alone left in the family. The old man has an
enemy,a distant relative, (shinde) pressurising his to give away 2000
acres of land for free .When the old man refuses, shinde penalises his
grand daughter by crushing her one leg with his boot. The girl becomes
crippled and can not walk without artificial leg.
Now the Hero enters the family and tries to teach the villian and his
three brothers a lesson. He beats all them black and blue and makes
the villian run for life in the street ,nude. Shinde enters the
central jail ,surrender there to save his life , on spur of moment.
After that, the Hero is living in a colony ,in Hyderabad, with his
crippled sister and joins her in a college which is founded by shinde
, the owner of 2000crores assets. Shinde, who is burning with revenge
comes out of jail on bail and tries to kill Hero by hook or crook.
He kills the old rich man in the series of events.
The colony contains many characters , among them one is second heroine
sada. She loves the hero she resorts to petty thefts.
Shinde's only lovable sister, Tanu sri dutta meets accidentally the
Hero and loves him deeply,inspite of resistance from brothers.
The fights and chases between the Hero and Villian gang continues and
finally Hero kills the villian shinde and his brothers brutally
and marries Tanu sri dutta, as sada sacrifies her love voluntarily.
Actors Performance: Bala Krishna performance is normal except in some
scenes. He may entertain his fans. He has a new type of wig with curls
falling on forehead.
Sada is ok, her dance speed is good but over all performance by her is
slightly inferior to other heroine Dutta. Dutta appearence , dances
and action is impressive, may be since she is a new comer. Photography
fully took advantage of her wonderful contours. Sada lip movement
looks many times out of sync.
Bala krishna, because of his vast experience in similar scenes,
commands some scenes with the power of his tone and dialogue
modulations and stress.Anyway, most of the scenes he is shouting all
the dialogues, whether it is love or war. Shinde also shouts ,many of
dialogues and his shoutings will raise the BP of the audience. That is
the danger of heart patients.Shinde action fallen in to a routine
track.He has to come out of it for survival.Not much comedy can be
expected though many comedy actors were rehabiltated in this movie.
Only MS Nararayan got good effect of comedy and then Brahmanandam.
Songs are enjoyable though music , lyrics are not that much
catchy.Heroine dresses are good in songs. Steps also are enjoyable to
some extent.We find too many actors in this movie and lot of jumps in
editing of scenes. Misfit of characters plays an important role in the
movie performance.
Direction: Direction is not impressive. Director successfully confused
in narration. Entire story presented in bits and pieces and your
memory has
to be used fully to join all the bits and understand the story going
on. The story starts from middle of the story described above and
flash back stabbing will
try to fill the gap of missed links. This flash back (stabbing)
syndrome is a pet for many directors and a nightmare for audience.
Dialogues lack creativity. Useless scenes eat many reels at our
cost.Logic lost its track in many scenes.This may be fate for
directors who try to
direct a film with top heroes , after their success with small
heroes.(The director directed Yagnam which went well )
Overall remark: Good movie for Fans. Ordinary movie for others. You
can watch the movie for New comer Tanu Sri Dutta, and to notice some
new trends in Balakrishna actions, (Using lips to express some