Wednesday, November 2, 2005

English Dubbings Contribution to Telugu Cinema

Lakshmi ganapathy films is a nice example of good cinema business management. They started with dubbing english movies. It went on well and silently started collecting money because that path of dubbing english movies was not trodden by any one. Now they stabilised in this business and earned enough money and fame. One way, they are doing some service to all andhra audience. Because of their dubbing, even a remote villager in andhra pradesh at tekkali or undrajavaram, can see the latest hollywood movies and get in touch with the latest cinematographic technologies. These exposures will change the tastes of avarage audience and they will review the released telugu movies with this knowledge. Now no child or rural man of andhra pradesh, who can not understand english is not deprived off the benefits of latest hollywood creations. One way this is a great contribution by lakshmi ganapathy films. They finally purchased the dubbing of aparichitudu movie and entered into direct movie releases. They made good money also in this aparichitudu movie where vikram acted well
The latest release of lakshmi ganapathy films is bhootala deevi part2, which is Pirates of caribbean sea-Dead Man's Chest. The one pitiable thing with these dubbings is, they are far behing the voice dubbing art. They hire cheap rated dubbing artists and compromise .Tamil dubbings and other indian language dubbings follow a good method of hiring established cine artists for dubbing whihc gives the real feel of the plot. In english dubbing, the script writing and voice dubbing is of very low quality. It has to be improved a lot. Hope this entetains all because of the wonderful taking and the photography.This movie has already collected about 923 crore rupees as gross collection, second to Miami Vice.Johnny depp and orlando bloom acted in this movie.


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