Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pournami movie- charmie's accident.

one important event we have to note , in the picturization of the last scene. While charmie completes her last ritual dance, with the cooperation of Prabhas, she starts running to reach prabhas to express her respects and gratitude. It was raining and the bridge was slippery. There , charmie really slipped and fallen flat on her back, with a big thud on her back side of head. You can see this clearly when you watch this movie.Her neck was injured because of this fall, and she is still continuing medication for this for past two months.If you see this fall on screen , with the knowledge of the details of the fall, you will definitely sympathise her for her involvement in the scene.

Ramadasu: The action of Nagababu (elder brother of chiranjeevi) acted well as Ravana in this movie. He commends special applaud, as his appearance, his expressions were apt for that role. He made justice to that role. Do you remember how well chiranjivi suited as lord shiva , aghora roles in sri manjunatha movie?