Friday, March 10, 2006

vallabha movie

vallabha movie
Vallabha is a different movie.. in a sense not telugu movie but dubbing from tamil vallavan.
simbhu, nayana tara, reema sen acted and yuvan sankar raja music. Simbu some how got some publicity through tvs, which are powerful medium. Anyone can spend some money and get publicity through the limited tv channels of andhra pradesh.Example this simbhu, vishal reddy etc concentrated on this , though vishal shows some stuff and belongs to telugu clan. Simbhu case is peculiar, and is son of T.Rajendra Prasad.
Rajendra prasad is not a great director but number one commercial, money spinning director like our dasary. His once dubbing movie prema sagaram ran 100 days, but his direction is not great in that movie. So, simbhu also is a chip of that block. He spreads the message that he knows lot of directional, film making things. Jack of all trades is not wanted here but expert of a small area contributes to movie making.
This movie story is mixture of many movies. The plot , theme is not a new one nor the presentation. One can feel why we should go to the movie, if you search for some talents.
His present plot clubs two heroines, nayanatara and reema sen, as adding two engines. Useless loves, meaningless troubles in that movie tests patience. simbhu loves one lecturer who is a bit elder to him. It is not a big hurdle now a days, where people are ignoring the age difference if they are in love. So, this old age problem revives in this movie and runs the show. simbhu wants to play old tune of psychological disorders till we become patients.
In this movie reema sen is the patient.
Anyway, fans of simbhu can go to this movie.