Sunday, February 5, 2006

Telugu Movie contributors

Padmanabham: One of the important telugu comedy actors of yester years. He has contributed in two ways for the telugu movie industry. One, he himself acted as a comedian and added lot of varieties to humour through his versatile actions right from the movie paataala bhairavi. His speciality of action was expression in his face. He got full control on his body language and he never failed to provide good comedy. The secondery contribution by him was by producing good films from his own banner like rekha and murali combines. He produced super hit movies like Devata (devatha) where NTR and savitri acted showing their maximum performance. It was a great musical hit also. He has the credit of introducing SP Bala subrahmanyam to our telugu field (further eventually, to indian music world) through his sri sri sri maryada ramanna. Now a days padmanabham is appearing in some telugu movies too. It is always good to provide some role to yester year great contributors in our movies, as paying respect to their contribution.
Gummadi Venkateswara Rao: A very good character actor of yester years. Recently he turned 80 years and the telugu field felicitated him. ANR praised gummadi very much. Gummadi has very good physique, good face contour with long sharp nose and his greatest asset was his dialogue pronounciation (vaachikam) and expressions(abhinayam). He was very famous for a good father character, a wicked cunning rich men and a desciplined father. More over his contribution in mahamantri timmarusu, tenali ramalingadu as mantri timmarasu was very good and none could beat him. Now he retired and he lost control on his powerful voice and dialogue delivery. He got a good reputation to be a person with no enemies (ajatha satru).Infact, gummadi and NTR entered the telugu cinema field same time. In a picture, Todu dongalu both acted as friends and in that movie, gummadi was as young as NT Ramarao. Further, gummadi had to play charater actor roles like father, grand father while NTR used to stay as son. Gummadi , because of his ability, had to fix to aged (elder to his real age )roles. The bottom line is , he has shown the character role action with his good dialouge pronounciation and crystal clear tone. The two famous actors who enriched the dialouges with good telugu were NTR and Gummadi.


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