Thursday, January 12, 2006

Naresh stabilised in action-Gopi Movie

Gopi cinema is coming to entertain. Now a days Allari Naresh is acting well and picked up good action, and created his own style of action, particularly comedy actions. He is a strong factor for the success of his Father's comedy productions. telugu cinema actor Naresh's plus points are his body language, his ease with dialouges and expressions. He is far better than the young entrants in to this telugu cinema field. Arti chabria is acting against Naresh. Arti chabria is also a sincere actress and her previous movies are quite satisfactory. She puts her full energy in justifying to the role.Her action in Intlo srimathi veedhilo kumari was quite satisfactory.If this pair is on the screen enacting a comedy plot, we get enough entertainment. Janardhana maharshi is providing story , script work for this movie.Though grand success is not anticipated through such films, they give enough money to the producers, silently; Because, after seeing great hits like Pokiri once or twice, avarage audience go for this type of comedy entertainment as a change. So, these comedy entertainments collect 50% of the collections of grand success movies, silently . If good publicity is added in TVs, they run for more number of days also. Normally the life period of this type of medium budget entertainments are only 3 weeks. They collect their money in this period. Risk is very low when compared to high budget movies like Brahmastram , game movies. Naresh was depressed with some failures like nenu etc, but now he is committed with his roles and he knew where he can click