Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Pournami Telugu movie review

Over all verdict: Not bad. Enjoy the hero and heroines.Poor Direction
Some story is there but not very convincing, yet a different type of story belonging to few decades back. That is the variety. But story is woven very loosely. Enough hard work , home work was not done in this case too. Just some plot was taken to make a film in oldage background, with concentration on the last event of dance in the temple. Lot of unwanted suspense,filled in many frames which throws a viewer in to some type of despair.
Brief Story:   
Chandramohan has two daughters. He teaches elder daughter dance to dance in a temple on a special occassion(which comes once in 12 years), as per the tradition coming to their family centuries together. But that daughter runs away from home,afraid of local zamindar. she takes shelter with a banzara group, dancing in that group. Hero sees her loves and one way marries her.She succumbs to the village factionism who tried to kill hero. Then hero comes to that village in disguise to make second daughter to learn and dance for the specific event in temple, as the dying elder daughter took that promise from her husband , that is the hero. Some fights, some mis apprehensions, some patches of different stories in different places at different times added to this.(Entire story is in a faroff place where you wont find a policeman though half a dozen murders took place and equal number of fights take place.
who killed the action?
Chandramohan, could not act convincingly, nor added any spice to the role. unjustice done successfully by bharani,that yellow pages man (acted as brother of manju bhargavi). Almost all actors made injustice excepting 4 .No humour , though some good comedy actors are there. No powerful dialogues from parachuri.
Good Performance
Prabhas,charmie,Trisha and Kota. Only these four actors run the show effectively.To some extent sunil also commanded the role. Prabhas performance , his feelings are good in many scenes. Where ever his performance is not apt, it is just because of the bad direction only. He utilized many scenes to get good marks. Helpless ness is a feeling that he shows very well. It is his own asset.Stunts were not good.Trisha again proved that she got good body shape , her talent to speak with eyes, and smiles. good performance by her within the frame given to her. Charmie took lot of responsibility to run the show. Though most of scenes,action given to her were badly composed , her involvement to improve the role catches our eye. She proved again that she can act well and run the show. Hightlight of the movie is the last dance scene in the temple. Many people liked. worth seeing . The settings in this movie are very good. zamindar house setting, the temple settings,outdoor shooting in fields while chasing the enemy son to kill are very good. Sound track recording at some places is also good.
Entire bad credit goes to Prabhu Deva. He could not improvise any role. He could not dramatise any scene.No wonderful songs (by music or lyric).No characterization at all.It proves that Prabhu deva lacks a lot and to really learn how to make a good movie, whether it is hit or Phat. If you consider Nuvvu vastanante.. that movie story is also a chandamama story but made great because of dramatization, dialogues, performance by 5 to 8 artists, and good songs. Here this movie lacks all the plus points he got in his first movie (he directed). Direction wise he gained negative points by this movie.

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