Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Vikramarkudu-Telugu movie review

 Overall marks: 60%
Vikramarkudu telugu movie: Lots of hopes for a rajamouli,just because he is one among the top 4 promissing directors presently (viz. vv vinayak, rajamouli, sekhar kammula and poori jagannadh). These directors created new trends and promissing to take the cinema shooting to a new hights with fresh ness or new trends. However, out of those four, poori and kammula only kept their promise till now with their recent movies creating new trends and teaching new tastes to telugu audience. Now coming to vikramarkudu, rajamouli has thrown some unknown thing on to us with a title vikramarkudu and slid down to fourth position in their list. The picture has no new trends. Direction is just old routine type and no place we find fresh ness or creativity except for the chambal valley locational shooting. No care for perffect screenplay, direction, dialogue writing or lyrics.Nothing special with songs and choreography. Infact music scores low, and some times the back ground music at mass fightings spoilt the situation.
Cating: Miscasting pulled this movie back. Perfect casting helps any movie with extra horsepower, for example pokiri. Ravi teja role in this one is not exactly suitable for him, his talents or not fully utilized in the movie. ofcourse, the role of vikram rathode (IPS) wins the hearts of the audience in many scenes, but his role should be carved in a better way than what was. 70% of the reels length has been wasted in waste scenes which never contributed much to the main plot. Titles is ok. Starting of the movie is not that impressive. His movie chatrapathi was excellent till intervel and really spell bound the audience and he scored 98% marks in that movie. But here , he lost all the grip on narration and we are forced to see what is happening on the screen. Anushka role under utilized and spectators can not stop yawning while the scenes are going between anushka and ravi teja. songs are so so, but the settings in songs and dresses, color selections for dresses are good. Keeravani lost all his creativity and now scoring negative marks in his creations.
Final verdict: As a routine you can see this movie also. No hopes- No head aches!!