Sunday, August 6, 2006

Pellam Pichchodu Rajendra Prasad

Rajendra prasad acting with srujana, rachana and richa in Pellam pichchodu , telugu cinema. We know rajendra prasad is a talented , versatil actor. He is the actor who has command on action, dialogue delivery. Only very few actors presently are available along with him in telugu who have that much command on action. He fills action in every scene perfectly and humour follows in his movements, dialogue delivery. This movie has some specialities. Well known lyricist Jonnavithula is directing this movie.Another attraction is Rajendra Prasad is the music director for this movie. We can see his music talent from this movie. Talk is that his music is fine. Richa is trying her level best to have a grip in telugu industry with this movie. Every rajendra prasad's movie is a safe movie for all families for entertainment and comedy.But, this picture completed production long back but could not face the light. People say rajendra prasad is the reason for this delay , as he had some conflict with the producer. Some say, he wanted to release this earlier to Iddaru attala muddula alludu. Whatever may be the reason, Rajendra Prasad should be more considerate and understanding in real life also, because the loss to a producer, when release is delayed, is heavy. Artists are whimsical! . Anyway, this movie has test to rajendra prasad as music director , jonnavithula for direction and richa, srujana for action career. Lot of telugu families waiting for a family entertainer from rajendra prasad.


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