Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Promising upcoming actor Siddhartha

Siddhartha is an upcoming promissing actor for telugu movie world. After the success of nuvvu vastanante, in an interview , he expressed himself very clearly, about his entry into cine field and his ambitions. He is very fluent in telugu , which was learnt by him with effort. His desire and ambition to do new things in better way was found clearly in his words in the interview. He also told that he did not know how the picture is going to be , while shooting Boys movie by am ratnam. But now , from his second film he got grip over the action and subject and day by day he is improving. His recent film chukkallo chandrudu is an example for his committment for sincere and different action.
Chukkallo chandrudu
Chukkallo chandrudu is a good movie and worth watching. Its picturisation is quite different from routine movies. Particularly, siddartha, charmie, salomi and then sada acted very well and lived almost in their roles. Salomi , i think this is her second movie. But she lived in her role. She is a straight forward young girl (out side the movie) and calls a spade a spade without hypocricy. Charmie and salomi,siddhartha gave life to their roles and that makes the narration quite interesting. One most important thing to watch in this movie is the great veteran actor akkineni nageswararao, who acted as the grand father of siddhartha. ANR gives a speciality to any role, even just a grand pa role, with his specialized action with eyes and other body language. he adds spice to the role, which no other current old role playing actors are doing. In this, there are scenes where siddhartha and ANR talk, act in close up shots, where you can find the competetion between present action trends vs age old solid actions. Both the actions are impressive and both the actors vied and gave nice to watch performance.
Siddhartha is upcoming and promissing actor who suits well to a happy go lucky guy, with modern trends and trendy dresses. His dialogue delivery timing is also ok , where a little bit of stress on each word of dialogue will improve his performance. Ofcourse this may be acquaired over time.
Present youth trend setiing actors are: siddhartha, tarun, Raja(anand fame) etc. The head ach of love stories is the sacrifice. (The back ach of telugu movies is flash back. )Though the music is not that good, this is a worth watching movie at any cost.The dialogues between siddhartha and sunil are good and entertaining.


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