Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Telugu movie Game

Mohan Babu is making a new telugu cinema titled Game, and his son vishnu and parvathi melton are acting in this. Parvathi melton is Vennela movie fame. She looks good with her lean structure. Only small objection would be her yogic eyes. Vishnu and Parvathi duo can be expected to entertain us with their histrionics. Mohan babu is also playing a role in this movie. If mohan babu takes lessons from this present time movies, he can provide us atleast above avarage movie through this Game telugu cinema. Parvathi melton is providing lots of stills in lots of dresses and poses. Seems she is getting ready to launch her career in telugu cinema industry very seriously. This USA girl would be a variety for telugu cinema audience.


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