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Telugu suspense Horror Movies trend

Poor Publicity campaigns for Telugu movies
Present day telugu movies fail because untargetted publicity. All think that some thing is wrong with the movie, but people, producers ignore the publicity which pulls the crowds to the movies. They have not recognised the power of the publicity hype in present day ;Take the example of kitakitalu by evv, he planned a better advertisement campaign highlighting the main theme of the movie, which attracted crowds just to see the fun between a lean husband and a stout wife. EVV succeeded in his plan.If you watch the trends of the publicity of the movies, there is no variation, no creativity and we lag decades behind in good publicity which tells the attractive features of the film, or provides one reason why we should see the movie. Third rated publicity campaigns for many movies are contributing atleast 20% low collections for their movies.Do you find any one good movie publicity better than minto fresh ad or surf excel ad (maraka manchide!)?
A film by Aravind -case: This movie is a special movie. If you missed it , you can watch it. It has shown how telugu movie can also be taken with suspense and "horror". Rajiv kanakala, mona chopra, rishi acted in this movie. Mona chopra selection for the role gets full marks . Rajiv kanakala acted well, ofcourse his character was killed unnecessarily. The greatest feature of the movie is the back ground music. It scored full marks, as entire film the suspense theme is well maintained through the back ground music and it added value to picturisation. Locations are very good, The forest area was shown superbly. Small or medium mistakes in story, directions are there. For example, the scene says it is going to have a cyclone, but the scenes will not establish it ,but for light breeze and occasional artificial lightenings. If story is improved, and the rishi character improved , the picture would have been a memorable movie like chandra mukhi. Rishi character can add lot of value with special mannerisms, idio synchrosies, dialogue deliveries. but this role was just ignored and we have to satisfy with simple appearance of a healthy man as hero.Anyway, if you want to spend with a telugu suspense horror movie in any night, watch this.
One more important point! Our directors like this sekhar suri, ram gopal verma are unable to get away from the spell of hollywood horror movie trends. When you see the psycho killer in this movie, you can link that characterization to 20 hollywood horror movies. Telugu horror field is different. You never attempt at macabre, gore scenes, showing blood, cutting off heads etc. These belong to hollywood only. Telugu field suspese is different. Telugu people get scared with Ame evaru, antasthulu type of songs and picturisation. That itself create chill in spinal chord.(Remember ninu veedani needanu nene song, or oh na rajaa songs?).Hollywood picturisations resort to spitting green liquid from mouths, shades in eyes, chopping off bodies with axe or chain saw ,hovering bodies in the air in a peculiar way.
coming to Publicity of the movie, we could not understand what for this movie is made(when release, through ads). Had they shown some good dialouges in this movie, some suspense scenes in tv publicity, it could have drawn more crowds who are waiting for a thriller , as a change. Hope Nandanavanam 120 KM atleast implements better publicity to pull the crowd who love to watch suspense movies.

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