Thursday, August 3, 2006

Pagale vennela siva balaji mythili

pagale vennela siva balaji, mythili
Pagale vennela , jagame ooyala is a popular tune. The same is used as the title for the movie where siva balaji and Mythili actress are acting. Siva balaji is struggling to have a foot in the telugu industry. His contribution in his earlier pictures was not that much . His personality, his defeciency in showing feelings artistically are his drawbacks as on date. He needs to work hard and find out some good , special roles for him to win a place in the hearts of telugu film goers, instead of directly acting as hero.
We can not blame him also,because there would be some tamarind business men who like to burn their fingers in movie making and they can not afford for good actors, good directors. They settle with third rated artists and throw some pictures to us increasing the failure rate.

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